Both tubes are open!

My first gut reaction was joy, so I’m trying to hold on to that for as long as possible. I know having the HSG is just the first rung on the infertility ladder. But both tubes are open! Now if I can just get a follicle to develop and release an egg to meet the sperm kickin’ it in my fallopian tubes…

For posterity, and for anyone out there who may have an HSG and wants details, the whole test wasn’t that bad. An hour before I took 800 mg of ibuprofen which I think helped with the pain and cramps. The speculum and I have never been friends (Maybe I’ll get used to it as time goes on. I expect this infertility thing to cause a lot of speculum encounters for me…). That part of the procedure was the typical mount of awkward, uncomfortable and a little painful. Then came cleansing my cervix which I didn’t feel at all. Next was the catheter. This part sucked, 5-10 seconds of intense pain and uncomfortable-ness.

Then they had to get my in position below the xray machine. While involved me sliding up on the table, moving my knees out, sliding back some more. This was uncomfortable with the catheter and speculum in, but it wasn’t terrible or painful really. Actually pushing in the dye wasn’t painful, though I was distracted with watching the xray monitor.

The nerd in me did enjoy seeing my uterus fill up (it’s so tiny! just a little bigger than a quarter) and the dye moving through my fallopian tubes and spilling out into my abdominal cavity. The radiologist will get his official report to my doctor this week, and hopefully everything looked good!

I don’t have another appointment set up with my gyno. I plan on calling this week to hear about the official HSG report, and maybe she’ll recommend a round of Clomid or something in between now and my appointment with the reproductive specialist.

I think if my tube(s) had been blocked, I would feel devastated. I’m so thankful that I have this piece of good news to hold on to. Getting my period this past month was so difficult – it keeps getting harder and harder each month. M and I talked about taking time off from trying until my appt with the specialist because it is so hard on me every month. M has this mindset that he can’t be upset because we don’t know what’s wrongs, which I wish I could get behind. But the HSG results gives me a little happiness boost. When he gets back from a work trip, baby-making is back on!

I also had another acupuncture appt last Friday. E (acupuncturist) put needles in my belly this time (the first time was at the end of my cycle, so she went easy just in case), and she found something interesting. It was hard to put the needles in, there was redness around the needles (only the ones in my belly), my belly was just very stiff, and it felt almost like there was a vertical cord running up and down my belly (I don’t really feel it, but E does…). Not really sure what this all means, but she’s going to focus on this area at my upcoming appts. E told me about another patient who had a similar belly thing going on and it turned out she had a hernia as a baby and needed to have surgery at 2 days old. After some acupuncture, her abdominal area was freed up and she ended up getting pregnant!

I’m going to end on this semi-happy note. I feel good about my decision to have the HSG and start acupuncture. And I can’t wait until Wednesday when M gets home, so I can get back on that pogo stick (40 Year Old Virgin anyone? I spend too much time with guys who quote movies.).


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